~ Baseball Cinderella ~
Yoban Saado ~ Third Base Fourth

Koushien: The Final Tournament in Japanese High School Baseball.
Played at the Hanshin Koushien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Japan

長島 茂雄
Nagashima Shigeo

Our reluctant hero. Second year High School student at Kohnan High School. Since his name is the same as a famous ballplayer, they gave him the third base postion. He likes to play baseball, practising 1,000 swings a day, but still is not a very good player at the beginning, with a 50 at-bat no hit slump. Tends to hit a lot of foul balls.

He improves greatly after receving "The Bat of God", which he powers by placing money in his back pants pocket before coming up to bat. The money vanishes after getting a hit. The more money put in his pocket, the more powerful the swing. He does an impressive amount of property damage during his homeruns. (Clocks, flagpoles, etc.)

To pay for the bat and to get to Koushien, he takes up a part-time job at the Kagetora Coffee Shop.

In 'Demon at Koushien', he still hits a lot of foul balls. They just fly farther now.

Named after 'Nagashima "Mr. Baseball" Shigeo'.

稲尾 一久
Inao Kazuhisa
Our main rival. Second year High School student at Ohgane High, in Osaka. When we first meet him, he believes he can carry his team to winning Koushein through his power alone. In 'Demon at Koushien', he has since started playing as a team player, cheering up and leading his teammates.

He received the 'Glove of God' from the same old man who gave Nagashima the bat. Praised for his 'Cannonball Arm' pitching, he has an incredibly powerful fastball.

He pays for the glove through a credit card he carries in his back pocket. He is the wealthy son of the Inao Finanical Corperation, so his spending limit is very high.

Named after the Nishitetsu Lions pitcher 'Inao "Iron Man" Kazuhisa'
名園運動具店 店主
Nazono Sports Shop

The old man who told Nagashima about the 'Bat of God', Babe Ruth's old bat, which is later given to Nagashima in front of the Nazono Sports Shop by Sawamura Eiji, wearing a Giant's uniform with the number 14 on the back.

He also gave Inao 'The Glove of God', Sawamura Eiji old glove. Sawamura struck out Babe Ruth when he visted Japan in 1934.

Everytime one either Inao or Nagashima use their bat or glove, the money from their back pockets appears in a large glass jar he carries around. He watches their game at Koushien with much glee.

Seen at the end of the book giving a soccer ball to a small boy with a bandage on his nose.

江夏 豊
Enatsu Yutaka
Classmate of Nagashima's at Kohnen High School, she's a fan of his. She gets him a job at her father's coffee shop, Kage Tora, when he needs money for the bat.

Yutaka also encourages him to 'Go to Koushein and Shine', giving him a charm for good luck, and later a baseball bat when his Bat of God is broken.

She was named after the famous Hanshin Tiger's pitcher, Enatsu Yutaka.
Yukata's father, a major Hanshin Tiger's fan. He runs the Kage Tora, a coffeeshop decorated with Hanshin Tiger's memorablia. He pays Nagashima 800 yen an hour to work as a bus boy.

He doesn't appear to like Nagashima much, grumbles about him at games, but shows up to watch him play.
有藤 キャプ テン
Third-year student, Captian and Pitcher for the Kohnen Baseball Team. He's the best player on the team until Nagashima gets the bat.

The supervisor for the team appears to be missing, so he takes care of those duties.

He's a good leader, uniteing and pulling the team together. Works hard and and pracises hard. Nagashima looks up to him a lot.

First Basemen for the Kohnen Baseball Team, he's a senior. He wears #5 on his jersey instead of #3, giving Nagashima the #3 jersey.

He's the team's power hitter, known for hitting the ball so hard that it flies until it hits the moon. He gets a little jealous when Nagashima starts hitting farther than him, going so far as to try the bat, but the two remain friends.

A very large, cheerful, loud character, he sets the mood for the rest of the team.


Second Baseman for the Kohnen Baseball Team. He's injured in the game against YK Institute.

野村 勝哉
Nomura Katsuya

The Catcher for Aide Institute, he's known for fighting with his inteligence. He excells in observing his opponents, discovering their weak points and attacking it mercilessly.

He discovers Nagashima's weakspot is his back pocket, so he tears Nagashima's pocket out.

Named after Nankai Hawks catcher Nomura Katsuya, considered to be one of the greatest catchers in Japanese Baseball.


Yoban Saado

Released: April 1993 ISBN4-09-123171-3
The bat of a miracle
Shonen Sunday Special
January 1991
vs Ekoda High School
Take to Koshien and shine.
Shonen Sunday Special
May 1991
Area Convention Final
Have confidence.
Shonen Sunday Special
October 1991
vs Umeshiyou Academy
Overthrow! Brains baseball
Shonen Sunday Special
April 1992
vs Aide Institute
The hit of anger
Shonen Sunday Special
January 1993
vsヤ ンキ一 (YK)学院
vs Yanky (YK) Institute
Legendary confrontation
Shonen Sunday Special
Febuary 2003
vs Ohgane High School


Detective Conan: The Demon of Koushien!!! Defiants Face the Dark Demon!!!
Detective Conan Volume 43 / 44
Detective Conan Episode 383
Released: 2003

One Evil Spirit in 53,000
Volume 43, chapter 10
File 445
The Challenge of the Evil Spirit of Koushien
Volume 43, chapter 11
File 446
Solve the Code of the Three Numbers!
Volume 44, chapter 01
File 447
No Hint!?
Volume 44, chapter 02
File 448
The End of the Game!?
Volume 44, chapter 03
File 449


Usual Baseball Numbers and Postions
  1 Pitcher   6 Shortstop  
2 Catcher 7 Left feilder
3 First Baseman 8 Center fielder
4 Second Baseman 9 Right feilder
5 Third baseman    
Nagashima is unusual because he's a Third Baseman wearing the First Baseman's number.
In Yoban Saado, Yanagida-sempai, the First Baseman, is number 5.

Players in Detective Conan Episode 383
  # Kohnan   #


1 桜葉 Sakuraba (Seventh Batter) 1 稲尾 Inao Kazuhisa (Third Batter)
2 久保田 Kubota (Fifth Batter) 2 渡辺 Watanabe (Eighth Batter)
3 長島 Nagashima (Fourth Batter) 3 三沢 Misawa (Fourth Batter)
4 道下 Michishita (Ninth Batter) 4 新井 Arai (Second Batter)
5 戸谷 Totani (Sixth Batter) 5 森田 Morita (Seventh Batter)
6 波岡 Namioka (Second Batter) 6 井上 Inoue (First Batter)
7 岩田 Iwata (First Batter) 7 茂田 Shigeta (Fifth Batter)
8 鍋島 Nabeshima (Eighth Batter) 8 松田 Matsuda (Sixth Batter)
9 菊池 Kikuchi (Third Batter) 9 関 Seki (Ninth Batter)
Chief Umpire:
First Base Umpire:
Second Base Umpire:
Third Base Umpire:


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